Hello everyone! Here you can find all important links to my projects and social media accounts 💙

My Web-Comics

Katinka - Chronicles of NeoPaneruga

A story about animals living on different fantasy planets. A war starts and a long journey lays ahead, full of colorful creatures and dangerous adventures in which Katinka and her friends will be quested to recreate a planet once known as Paneruga.

The Odds

When a dog's time has come and they die, they will be granted a second life. A life without humans on a dimension close to them and yet very different. In this new webseries you can follow Foxfang on her adventures as youngest Follower of Laika in her second life.

Shadow Hearts

A Warrior Cats fan-story. Follow Rowankite and other cats on their lifes in their Clans.

A Layer above

This Project is on hold!!A normal mouse enters a world of fantasy creatures and ends up playing an important role during a battle that could end all life on earth.